Why US?

  1. WE CARE.  We want you to be happy. We want your event to be perfect. We love what we do. It shows.
  2. EXPERIENCE. We’ve done hundreds of events. We know what works.

  3. GREAT IDEAS.  We’ve seen it all. And we’re constantly coming up with new approaches to make your event fresh and new.

  4. NO SURPRISES.  You can sit back and simply enjoy your day.

  5. PROFESSIONALISM.  It means we do what we say we’re going to do.

  6. RELIABLE.  We show up early and stay for the full amount of time agreed upon. We have back-up equipment in the unlikely event it's ever needed.

  7. VERSATILE.  Some of our customers like a low-key, elegant affair. Some like a more energized reception. We do it your way.

  8. AFFORDABLE.  We’re not the cheapest around, nor the most expensive.

  9. PRIDE.  We strive to be the best!

  10. FUN.  We create it out of thin air! It’s almost like magic.