Will my DJ act as the master of ceremonies?

In addition to playing music, we will act as master of ceremonies. We are comfortable speaking in public and will keep your guests involved throughout your event. We will gladly handle any announcements and pride ourselves in our ability to keep your event organized and running smoothly.

What are the different "packages" you offer?


We don't believe in "packages" - our price is all-inclusive.  "Packages" are just a way for DJ companies to quote a low price.  We bring all our equipment to every show.  All shows include a Cordless/Wireless Microphone, Smoke, Premier Light Show (including Intelligent Lights) and most important, a Disco Ball.


Do you DJ full-time?


We operate this company as a labor of love, and not just a job to pay our bills.  We like people, we like music, and we love a good party.  Because we don't have to accept every job that comes our way, we don't get overworked and burned out.  Let's face it, when it's your job it can become a REAL job.  You lose the spark, the fun, and the enthusiasm.  We work at this profession with as much passion and hard work (or maybe more) as the full-timers.  We love what we do and it shows!


Do you offer dinner music?




What music will my DJ bring to my event?

Our music library spans over 8 decades so regardless of the type of music you would like to hear, we will be able to satisfy your needs. All of these songs are cataloged on a computer database. When you hire us to perform at your event, we bring our entire collection along with a laptop computer, so when your guests make requests we are able to instantly confirm and locate their selection.


Do you take requests?

We gladly take requests. This allows the guests to feel more involved in the event, which results in happier guests and pleasant memories.  Keep in mind that this is your event, so why settle for a DJ that wants to play only what they like.  If you don't want us to accept requests, just let us know.


What if there is a song I don't want played at my event?


Just let us know.  Hey, not everyone likes "The Chicken Dance".


Will you purchase music requests that are not already available?

Absolutely!  Music is our business and with thousands of song titles currently available the chances are that we already h
ave your request.  But in the unlikely event we would not, we will be more than happy to locate it without any additional charge.  The only thing we require is that you list any such requests at least 2 weeks prior to the date of your event.


Should we feed the DJ?


Unlike feeding the animals at the zoo, it's okay to feed the DJ.  As a general rule the DJ will have been working for three hours prior to your event loading, unloading and setting up.  In addition to working through your event, they'll spend a couple of hours afterward reloading and "heading back to the barn."  We get hungry just like everyone else, and would certainly appreciate the opportunity to eat if possible.  If this is a problem however, just let us know and we'll make alternate arrangements.  We understand (especially during a catered, sit-down dinner) that there may be a cost associated that we certainly don't expect you to bear.